Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pre-Sonar Flotsam

That's a big one . . .

So, quite a lot to get through before Sonar envelopes me for the next week or so. Releases that deserve a special mention are:

Fabric 35 mixed by Ewan Pearson: Ewan comes correct with a selection that more or less equals that with which he introduced Soma's “Sci-Fi Hi-Fi” mix series. Varied and spot on programming plus some eloquent blending mean that this is the best Fabric mix cd this year by far (only Marco Carola's comes close in the last twelve months imo) and paves the way for the long-awaited Ricardo Villalobos effort, and, after that, Steve Bug.

This week's show will have to be pre-recorded but it should be a goodie. I'll be welcoming in local reprobate Tom Hallmark, man-about-town and one of the brains behind the infamous rare as hen's teeth Flex warehouse parties. Next one on the 14th of July featuring Mr Hallmark plus Mr C and Mark Henning amongst others.

I'm not much for exclusives, and I'm not sure if this is one either, but the next instalment of the aforementioned “Sci-Fi Hi-Fi” Soma mix series will be put together by none other than Mr Andrew Weatherall, it should see the light of day around September and will feature an exclusive track from the man himself. Oh, and it's going out as “Sci-Fi Lo-Fi” too.

As I'm at Sonar this weekend and not back until the 19/6, the playlist for the show will be a bit late. I do hope to film a few rudimentary videos with my camera, so I'll post them up. I'll be looking for crabs amongst the overpriced caparinhas on the beach. Hopefully there'll be no naked hippies pissing into the sea. If there is though, I'll nail them on this blog.

I've had quite a few bits lately and I apologise to everyone I've promised detailed feedback. Truth is I'm rushed off my feet at the moment. Thanks to Mark Henning for the latest two releases on Clever Music and for forwarding me his brother's release on Fear of Flying. Also to Soma for keeping me busy, I'll hopefully put some names to faces over in Barcelona, (or should that be faces to names?) In any case, everything is getting an airing on the show so if I don't mention it here, the good stuff gets heard.

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