Monday, June 18, 2007

Machines Playlist 16/6/07 With Tom Hallmark

Here's the story of how the Americans saved us all in the middle ages.

This is the full-length clip of the bombers ending up in Abu Ghraib prison. The last video posted is on it, with loads more.

Here's the playlist for last Saturday's show:

During the first part there was an interview with Tom Hallmark split into two parts.

United - Midnight Mike (Republic of Desire)
The Fly - Simon Baker (Conaisseur Superior)
To The Speaker - Jet Project (Darkroom Dubs)
The Fog (Darshan Jesrani remix/Sasse Edit) - The Green Men (Moodmusic)
Who Got The Flavour Again? - Abe Duque (Abe Duque Recs)
Fast Freeze - My My (Cocoon)
Nomads - Jackmate (Phil E)
Manifestation (Paul Rich remix) - Eyerer and Collins (Session Deluxe)
Consigliere - Marcin Czubala (Mobilee)

Tom Hallmark Mix

Beyond - DJ Marley Marl (West End)
These Days - Rhyme Fest (Shhh)
The Real Deal - Miquel Graca & Patrick Dream feat. Roy Davies Jnr (Mile End)
Dressed To Grill - Justin Martin & Sammy D (Classic)
What? - Lil' Mark (Disco 45)
Swamp Thing (Claude VonStroke remix) - Justin Martin & Sammy D (Dirty Bird)
Double Barrelled Babe (Bold & Beautiful remix) - Jahcoozi (Sugar Cane)
A-Sided - Jesse Rose (Dubsided)
Cockfosters (Patrick Turner re-edit) - Jacob London (Movim)
Weird To The Insane - Lee Mortimer (Greenhouse)
Seismic Thighs - Hot Lunch (Innuendo)
Pull The Other One - Chris Duckenfield (Odori)
Butterflies - Brett Johnson (Hi-Phen)
Sevens - Pete DaFeet (Robsoul)

Coming back from Barcelona tomorrow. It's been nice to visit but annoying that there was a clampdown on the beach parties. Sunday wasn't too bad but the atmosphere on Friday and Saturday was a shadow of the last couple of years. I suppose the natives are fed up of wading through coagulated sand and urine on their way to the water. Also it wouldn't be surprising if the police had tacit approval from the festival itself, after all, the beach parties are nothing to do with Sonar proper. Always beautiful to visit but I think I'll throw myself into the local scene a lot more.

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