Sunday, April 29, 2007

Miscellaneous Reviews From April's Arse End

As already mentioned, I'm being sent a few things at the moment. Long may it continue and multiply. So with this in mind I thought I'd round up a few bits that are currently lying strewn amongst the laudanum at Chateau Corey.

Fabric 34
Ellen Allien

Not bad, but not great. If I'm being honest I didn't really know what to expect but it's quite good. A relatively original tracklist, despite the inclusion of stalwart tracks like “The Sun Can't Compare”, “India in Me.” and the Plastikman remix of Baby Kate.” Having said that, it's not the strong release I think Fabric could have done with after the disappointment of Ralph Lawson's effort, but interesting enough.

10 Years of Tiefschwarz

Coming your way in June, “10 Years of . . . “ is a double cd package. One disc collects six original tracks along with a remix of each, the other is a mix. Like Ellen Allien's “Fabric . . “ the mix is alright and nothing more. I've only heard Tiefschwarz dj once live a while ago, but have listened to countless sets online as well as other commercially available packages and I've never been impressed. Having said that, last year's “Fabric” mix by them was a good 'un, but their skills leave a bit to be desired and although the tracks on offer here are generally good, programming let's the side down and the mix lacks symmetry. They're much better producers than djs anyway. Pick of the remixes for me, Shonky's re-rub of “Ghosttrack.”

Wrong Meeting Part 2
Two Lone Swordsmen
Rotters Golf Club

Andy Weatherall and Keith Tenniswood do rock. I suppose it's ok if you like that sort of thing, but I'm only into these guys for their electronic output and nothing more. Nothing narrow about this. I don't buy rock, haven't for years and I'm not going to start just because one of the best djs in the world is 50% of a beat combo. It's an indulgence that is probably getting more attention that it normally would due to AW's involvement. That doesn't mean it's bad, just different. I hope I'm not being too dismissive here.

This is Rong Music
Mixed by DJ Spun
Rong Music

Got this this morning, and it's really good. I tend to like the extremes of underground dance, from electrnic minimalism to the sun-drenched psychedelic disco espoused by Rong. This is another double cd, the first is a mix, the second a selection of unmixed tracks from the label. More on this when I've had the chance to absorb it properly.

Cult Copy
Rush Hour

Good stuff from Aardvarck. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but Aardvarck gives his Detroit-inspired beats some Dutch steel which serves to lift this album above the sweaty mob of Detroit-alikes. His Cult Copy project has been in existence for about five years now and has nicely crystallized with this collection. There's a dvd to accompany the cd with a 26 minute “video mix” that rounds off the package nicely.

Aacid Code 8
Tarantula Continuum
Casio Casino vs Neville Atree
Gumption Recordings

“Aacid Code 8” is wonky and powered by the dark undercurrent that all good techno possesses. A voice urges you to “trip” throughout, and why not? It wouldn't be a waste of your time to embark on this roller-coaster ride of a track. One for the messy 4am set when you've got a strobe going off in the corner and little else except someone scrabbling around in the darkness, fingernails bitten to the quick, looking for some long lost beans that never really existed. “Tarantula Coninuum” is a dense, smoky low-slung groover that comes from the murky depths. Satisfying.

Inner Thoughts
Space Disco
TR One
Fine Art Recordings

Second release on Fine Arts, and after the shuffling tech -house of “Stolen From the Jake” we get two moodier, introspective cuts from an act eager to impress with their techno credentials, and they do. Acid dominates once more in “Inner Thoughts” the remix of which turns the tables and comes up with something a little bit more evocative and lusher. “Space Disco” is a scene setter and an ideal warm up/down piece that bumps along underpinned by some animal-like 303. Sonja Moonear's remix funks things up into an unrecognisable blend of skewed breakbeats and concave bass. Nice.

It's impossible to write a chart at the mo' with one rubbish collection every two weeks and a huge amount of shitty pampers to wade through but one will come within the next few days. If Liverpool beat Chelsea and get through to the Champion's League Final I promise to post up Moodymann's “Technology Stole My Vinyle” as a download and risk having a “cap popped in my ass . . .” or something like that.

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