Sunday, April 22, 2007

Machines Playlist and The Box Tree: 21/4/07

Here's the playlist for last night's show:

Supernature – Cerrone (Atlantic)
Theme Park – Aardvarck (Rush Hour)
Nip Slip – Mathias Tanzmann (Moon Harbour)
Hot Potato – Brett Johnson (Freerange)
Sky Dive – John Daly (Plak)
To Begin – Aril Brikha (Poker Flat)
Winter Ceremony – Paul Ritch (Resopal Schallware)
Carbonat – Piemont (MBF)
Ahck (Jichael Mackson remix) – Minilogue (WIR)
Lovin' (Hipp E remix) – Funk d'Void feat. Jay Leblone (Soma)
Baltrigue – Chateau Flight (Innervisions)
1985 (Jerome Sydenham remix) – Argy (Liebe Detail Spezial)
Techno Playtime – The Black Dog (Soma)
Ghosttrack (Shonky remix) – Tiefschwarz (Souvenir)
Twisted – GummiHZ (Mobilee)
Sequential Circus (Konrad Black remix) – Will Saul (Simple)
Moon Bounce – Kerri Chandler (Deeply Rooted House)
Deep (We Are) (dub mix) – Dirt Crew (Dirt Crew)
Soon (Andy Weatherall remix) – My Bloody Valentine (Creation)

The Box Tree was fun last night, but nothing got going until around midnight, by which time there was only an hour left. Anyway, Ed Davenport played the last two hours, and very good he was too. I wanted to record it and put it up for download but no one had the wherewithall to sort things out, like tell me where the recording sockets where at the back of the mixer. Sounds easy, eh? Well, if I tell you that for the first hour I sat transfixed as “Koyanasqaatsi” played over and over again on a big screen, you'l have some idea as to my mental state at the time.

Met Ed, who turned out to be a genial bloke, as did local drum and bass heroes Logistics and Commix, who told me about their upcoming album on Metalheadz as well as connections and remixes with Underground Resistance and Matthew Jonson. Oh, and before I go, a reminder that Derrick May returns to The Soul Tree on the 5/5.

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