Monday, February 05, 2007

The Time Is Nigh . . .

The Time Is Nigh. . .

I am on standby. Every night I turn in I am painfully aware of the fact that it could be all hands on deck at any time now. Emmanuelle may face the call of nature. Reproduction waits for no one. The ambulance could may have to be called and all hands will be on deck. So far so good but at the very least, the baby will be induced a week today. At least I'll know when it happens if it happens on time. Cryptic eh? Anyway, earlier ijn the week I popped down to London for the evening and got taken out to an excellent Japanese restaurant. I love the food, but am not an expert so it was that at my ripe old age I was initiated into the ways of sashimi and varieties of sushi that I thought were mere myths. I've also been filling my time reading about, amongst other things The Children's Crusades. This was bonkers and would make a great film, however, due to the current political climate, I don't think I'll be putting my money behind it just yet.

Got a show this week, pre-recording it on Friday. No guests, just me, but there'll be a new mix on it which I'm really looking forward to putting together. I wanted Tom Hallmark, who would have guested on the show that was cancelled last weekend, to guest but he's tied up. He'll be on sometime in March I hope. Doppler from the ARU DJ society will be with me on the 24/2 I hope, and Dave Kelso soon after and Mark Henning. Other dates for your diary include The Priory with Paul Woolford on the 15/2, and Erol Alkan with The Priory at "Kill 'Em All Let God Sort It Out at The Junction on the 23/3.

As far as I'm concerned I need to get out more, and that means journeying down to fair Londinium for as many knees-ups as I can manage. I'm working on getting my arse down to the T-Bar on a regular basis and immersing myself in the hedonism and fornication that goes on thereabouts. Meanwhile I'm liking the new deeper direction electronic music seems to be taking itself in. DJs such as Jamie Jones, Matt Styles and Geddes are mixing things up rather nicely and blazing a trail for others to follow. In truth what they're doing isn't any different from the halcyon days of tech-house, but the current direction seems fresh and there's a buzz in London at the moment which has been nicely amplified by the many after parties, and parties in their own right, at places like Kubicle and the T-Bar and of course Mulletover. I for one am looking forward to some interesting excursions in the months to come.

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