Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Saturday's show was a blinder if I do say so myself. Here's a full playlist:

Tubular Bells (Cosmic mix) - Champ's Boys Orchestra (Supreme)
Beat, Zen, Square Zen and Zen - From Karaoke To Stardom (Rrygular)
No Sleep (edit) - Dinky and Jorge Gonzales (Horizontal)
The Contemporary Fix (Serious Syntoms version) - Lindstrom (Feedelity)
Like A Pen (Heartthrob remix) - The Knife (Rabid)
India In Me - Cobblestone Jazz (Wagon Repair)
Bluten Sim Dem Grossen Schillerfalter Fremd (Adam Beyer "Mad Eye" remix) - Dominik Eulberg (Traum)
You Can't Do Disco Without A Strat - Andy Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
CSide (DBeat remix by Silicon) - Octogen (Soma)
Idea - Barem (cdr)
Movin' Like A Train (Smith n' Hack remix) - Herbert (K7)
Model 1601 (Fairmont remix) - Marc Romboy (Systematic)
Rekorder 07 (Rekorder)

Rub-n-Tug Fabric Radio Mix:

Les Djinns (Trentemoller remix) - Less Djinns (Get Physical)
Hot Gloves - Swag (Dialect)
Liberate - Force Of Nature (Libyus)
Voyage - Kris Menace (Compuphonic)
Grey Clouds (Bassthedub mix) - 20/20 Soundsystem (20/20 Vision)
Delayer - Cosmo Vitelli (Cliche)

There were a couple of competitions on Saturday's show. Here's the breakdown:

First comp:
First prize, a pair of tickets to see A Guy Called Gerald at the Warehouse Project, Manchester on the 27/10, plus "Proto Acid - The Berlin Sessions" cd - A Guy Called Gerald (Laboratory Instinct).

Second prize, a copy of "Proto Acid - The Berlin Sessions" cd.

Full line-up

Question: A Guy Called Gerald's main claim to fame is as the artist behind which acid house anthem from the late '80's?

Second Comp:
Prizes, two copies of In Flagranti's debut cd "Wronger Than Anyone Else" (Codek)

Question: One of In Flagranti's influences, (according to the press release), Patrick Cowley, remixed which famous disco track by Donna Summer?

Both of the competition cds were reviewed on this very blog by yours truly in the summer. If you want a gander, plunge into the archives.

Meanwhile, those very kind people at Fabric sent me an advance copy of Marco Carola's new mix cd, due out in the UK on the 13/11/06 and a month later in the US. It's really very good too. Mr Carola manages to keep things taut, bass-driven and funky throughout, without compromising his musical integrity. Listening to this cd made me think of sweaty railway arches and messy after parties. Marco used to be known for the three-deck pyrotechnics beloved of Jeff Mills, with a similar loopy disposition, but this mix while being unashamedly techno has house's best interest at heart too. The inclusion of artists such as Chris Carrier and Marek Bois are testament to this, and the likes of Fraktion, Marc Houle, Audio Werner and Dolly La Parton (Alex Under) help take things a stage further into the stratosphere. The mix kicks off proper though, with the second track by Erik Otanabe. There's a misprint on my press release, so I don't know the track name, only that it's probably an Eclat and Prudo remix on Minisketch.

Here's a full track listing:

Io - Matt John (Underl_ne)
Eclat & Prudo (Alfa Romero mix) - Erik Otanabe (Minisketch) (don't think this is the real track name)
Sure Shot - Chris Carrier (Adult Only)
You Got Good Ash (Gabriel Ananda remix) - Marek Bois (Trapez)
I am . . .You! (Someone Else remix) - Fusiphorm (Found Sound)
Nakuta - Timo Antilla (Frozen North)
Cilindro - Barem (Found Sound)
Snowman - Mathias Kaden (We Are)
Cretine - Paco Osuna (Plus 8)
Acidrop - Fraktion (Resopal)
Kicker - Marc Houle (Minus)
Onandon - Audio Werner (Perlon)
Whenever - Dolly La Parton (Be My Sheep)
Pecan - Microfunk aka 2000 and One and Dave Ellesmere (Remote Area Records)
Change - Details (Loose)
Newbe (Heartthrob's Are U Gay remix) - Dario Zenker (Esperanza)
Escarabajos - Ernie (Signs Of Authority)
Plunder - Alex Smoke (Soma)

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