Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm trying to be a little bit more regular so what happens? I only go to me old queen's for a week with my lad and have to put everything off for a week innit. Anyway, here's the last playlist a week late.

Machines Playlist: 21/10/06:

If You Give Me - John Dahlback (Pickadoll)
Give Me Your Love (Tango Terje edit) - Curtis Mayfield (Supreme)
Sea of Sand - Guy Gerber & Shlomi Aber (Cocoon)
Satisfaction - Mr Pauli (Viewlexx)
Kookaburra (Gabriel Ananda remix) - Heckmann & Kaufelt (AFU)
Full Clip - Martin Buttrich (Planet E)
Lovelight (Soulwax Ravelight remix) - Robbie Williams (cdr)
Why Must - Repeat, Repeat (Soma)
Far Away (Jennifer Cardini & Shonky remix) - Mlle Caro & Frank Garcia (Crosstown Rebels)
We Love Mutronics (Keithy Boy remix) - Two Lone Swordsmen (Rotters Golf Club)
Buckets - Alland Byallo (Liebe Detail)
The Porcupine - Latex (Rebelone)
Doin' It (Daniel Wang remix) - Putsch 79 (Clone)
Anghor Wat - DJ Dex (UR)
Track 3 from "No More Vampires" - Osvaldo (Underline)
Pink Dust - Redshape (Styrax Leaves)
Untitled from "Multiplicaciones" - Alex Under (Apnea)

And, as always, I gave away more free things. This time it was a couple of copies of the latest installment of "At The Controls." James Holden did vol.1 earlier this year and M.A.N.D.Y. have just done vol 2. The question that can win you a copy of this double cd set is piss-easy.
What is the name of the label, named after an Olivia Newton-John classic, that M.A.N.D.Y. record on? Interested, then leave a comment after this piece, with full contact details.

Like I said, I was on family business last week so I took advantage to go to Manchester and attend the third Saturday of the Warehouse Project which featured a Detroit love-in courtesey of Los Hermanos, Octave One, Suburban Knight, DJ 3000 and Robert Hood. Jamie Liddell, the Unabombers etc were to be found in the other room, but I didn't ant to pass up some prime Detroit cuts so I kept my eyes firmly fixed towards the stage where the big "UR" screens were flickering, tried to take some photos - see amateur efforts above. I had a good time, but this was no thanks to the inferior sound quality of the venue, which at one point reminded me and my mates of a large scale school disco. The sound did seem to pick up when the djs were playing sets and, inexplicably seemed to get better the more the night wore on. This was unfortunate for Los Hermanos who came on after Mr Scruff and Mark Flash who must have lost weight gesticulating to the sound men. I said "inexplicably" because I've never understood what's in it for the audience to have successive acts sound better than each other, and I doubt the Detroit lads need to compete with their egos. Having said that, it could simply have been a situation trying to get progressively better due to the sterling efforts of the sound engineers. Another thing that annoyed me was deciding to get some laughing gas only to find that it had sold out. Anyway, as said before I had a good time and that's the most important thing, but I think it could have been better.

I've heard the new Repeat, Repeat album on Soma. It's called 'Squints" and it's a wobbly, off-kilter collection of tracks that pushes techno in the right direction. Dave Congreve, half of Repeat, Repeat is one of the country's best djs but it's a long time sonce I've heard a set by him. If anyone has any links to online mixes by him, please drop me a line to

Oh, and I took Hector, one of my boys, to his first match, a 4-3 victory for the mighty Reds against Reading in the Carling Cup. A full house, seven goals (all sublime from the Reds), a comeback from Reading that had nerves frayed, he won't forget that in a hurry.

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