Sunday, July 02, 2006

Machines Are Funky Playlist: 1/7/06

I had to do this show just after England lost to Portugal in the World Cup quarter-final. Normally the affairs of the national team don't involve me too much, but I was well fed up.

Solomon’s Prayer - Luciano & Thomas Melchior (Cadenza)
Repeat Offender - Derailleur (Dust Science)
Theme From Murder Capital (The Ride) - Lonny & Melvin (Kraft)
One More Hour (Mark Henning remix) - Aaron Hedges (District of Corruption)
Electrolatino (main mix) - Senor Coconut (Multicolor)
Simpler - Marc Houle (Minus)
Dial Zero (Modeselector remix) - My Robot Friend (Soma)
Mardi Gras - Crowdpleaser & St Plomb (Mental Groove Ltd)
Cult Copy (mix 2) - Aardvarck (Rushhour)
C1 - Dandy Jack & The Third Leg (Perlon)
Dance of Energies - Jaquar Woman (Dust Science)
Let’s Break - Sound stream (Sound stream)
Wake Up (Mark Henning remix) - Todd Bodine (Immigrant)
L’Nuit (Dominik Eulberg remix) - Pier Bucci (Crosstown Rebels)
Klaatu Barada Nikto - Scape One (Pnuma)
Version 4 - The Separatists (Soma)
Somewhere - Geddes Vs Audiofly presents Rekleiner (Moodmusic)

Will McClaren turn out to be a Sven Mini Me?

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Anonymous said...

hi paul
yeah was a sad day but i feel somehow relieved. i got fed up hearing that the next game would be better from the team - quite clearly the performance we hoped for was never gonna come. i blame sven myself for squandering the talent he had.
as for mclaren - i have heard he wants input from terry venables and alan shearer, so i'm optimistic (arent we english just living in hope all the time?)