Monday, November 18, 2019

Rebuild - Field of Dreams (Tici Taci)

Title: Rebuild 
Artist: Field of Dreams
Label: Tici Taci
Cat Number: tt057
Genre: Chug

1: Rebuild
2: Rebuild (Deconstructed Mix)
3: Rebuild (Radio Edit)

You’ve probably read about Tici Taci sound tracking A Love From Out of Space and Andrew Weatherall’s sets generally. Ergo, the “chug” is already in your head. Not a bad thing to have as a wormhole though, is it? However, it would be over simplifying the music to go with said stereotype, even though there contains more than a grain of truth. ‘Rebuild’ is classic acid house before anything else. Of course it’s got that frictional pace, essential for the lower back pain massive who find throwing shapes over 120bpm as injurious as an autumnal Sunday afternoon in the garden piling up the leaves. And it’s also got annals of pent up, drugged up groove knowledge, which is important because it provides an omnipresent underlay to all that goes on in its ecosystem. The deconstructed version is good because it sound completely wacked out and is obviously the work of the slightly deranged, which makes it pretty essential shizzle. 

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