Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Index Hole - SDEM (CPU)

Title: Index Hole
Artist: SDEM
Label: CPU
Cat Number: 01001010
Genre: Exploratory Electronics

1: Arc Rail
2: BX16
3: Mitherer
4: 6448

To call this release from SDEM experimental wouldn’t be missing the point at all. In view of this, we have four very different tracks which each leave their mark in slightly different ways. ‘Arc Rail’ feels manic, but is a very cohesive cacopohony which far from being a racket, knows exactly when to reign in its excesses and expose its fragility. ‘Index Hole’ has a similar musical mission; frequencies coalesce around an elastic lateral line and dissipate in different directions. Both ‘BX16’ and especially ‘Mitherer’ (botherer?), have less shape to them and are consequently more abstracted, but also rely on a strong central spine of sound to hold things together. If I knew better, I’d say this quartet have thrown conventional hip hop beats into the blender and coughed up space riddims, but I don’t and I have.

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