Thursday, August 23, 2018

Chi Chi Pensa, Rimane Senza - Patagonia (PanickPanick!)

Title: Chi Chi Pensa/Rimane Senza
Artist: Patagonia
Label: PanickPanick!
Cat Number: PP04
Genre: Minimal House/Techno

1: Chi Chi Pensa
2: Rimane Senza

Ostensibly composed of nothing, except wind and air, ‘Chi Chi Pensa’ is just the type of thing I used to love throwing shapes to down at Wiggle at the end of the last century. A throbbing, cardiac base underpins a driving groove which is interrupted by some high end synth stabs and breathy female vocals; (I doubt they would have been too much of a feature under London Bridge’s arches, and possibly reflect something a bit more sinister). ‘Rimane Senza’, on the other hand, feels undercooked and over reliant on a grandiose, posturing vocal sample. It bowls along gamely enough though, which is nice.

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