Sunday, December 03, 2017

Cosmic Path - Damon Wild (Infrastructure)

Title: Cosmic Path
Artist: Damon Wild
Label: Infrastructure New York
Cat Number: INF-024
Genre: Techno

1: 1242
2: Aquarius
3: Red
4: Distant Carrier
5: Marslander
6: Sparse
7: Start Point
8: Baritones
9: Amber
10: Light
11: Responder
12: Spacerace
13: Unstable Space
14: Dining on Jupiter
15: Friday’s Orbit (CD Mix)

Damon Wild brings back memories of Synewave, his label which, while I wasn’t an ardent fan of it, came up with the occasional brilliant release. I always remember Wild himself as very much a product of his environment; his output often being a little too hard for my taste, hovering close to the more industrial edge of techno. These days it’s difficult to know what more to do within the genre’s sometimes narrow confines, but Wild shows on this album that his sound is a mature one, and has depth. The collection is aptly named, as each track feels onomatopoeic, and the listener is guided along a lateral line of machine funk along which fine detail is ever more embellished by Wild’s electronic brain; an apotheosis of wisdom garnered under the auspices of restraint.

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