Monday, October 16, 2017

The Old World EP - Gotshell (EPM Music)

Title: The Old World EP
Artist: Gotshell
Label: EPM Music
Cat Number: EPM56
Genre: Techno

1: Aswan
2: Fayum
3: Coptos

‘The Old World’ could be a reference to just about anything I suppose. Whether it’s a backwards-looking nod to the way techno has, to an extent, always come across is open to question. Also, being pigeonholed as an artist who delivers “simple, straightforward, stripped down, cavernous techno without hype or fanfare” on your press release immediately sets limits. Unfortunately the music, well produced as it is, does little to dispel expectations. It’s reasonably anonymous with little to distinguish it. ‘Coptos’ is the most subtle of the three tracks here, and I’ve always got a soft spot for the type of demonic accordion playing featured on ‘Aswan’. It’ll easily find its niche on the dance floor, so maybe I shouldn’t be over analytical.

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