Friday, June 30, 2017

Perilous Voyage, Slant of Light - D'Marc Cantu, Paulo Iocca (RA-1)

Title: Perilous Voyage/Slant of Light
Artist: D’Marc Cantu/Paulo Iocca
Label: RA-1
Cat Number: RA1004
Genre: Techno

1: Perilous Voyage
2: Perilous Voyage (Savannah Mix)
3: Slant of Light
4: Slant of Light (Starman Mix)

Mr. Cantu is responsible for ‘Perilous Voyage’, while Mr. Iocca composed ‘Slant of Light’. ‘Perilous Voyage’ is a lanquid, narcotically-inflected piece of rubber funk, whose slowed-down groove is on the one hand enchanting and on the other mildly unsettling. The remix is a hollowed-out abstraction, which sounds like the soundtrack to a night in a synthetic rainforest. ‘Slant of Light’ is, in contrast, more uptempo in both its forms. The original relying on surging synths enclosing feather light percussion, the Starman mix, as its name suggests, having more thrust and encompassing limitless possibilities.

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