Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Blank Slate 014 - Big MeanSound Machine (Blank Slate)

Title: Blank Slate 014
Artist: Big Mean Sound Machine
Label: Blank Slate
Cat Number: Blank Slate 014
Genre: Afrobeat

A1: Triple Bacon
A2: The New Filth
A3: Sharks
B1: Mirko’s Edit
B2: Rene Audiard’s Remix

In what amounts to something of a paradigm shift for Blank Slate, the afrobeat sounds of Big Mean Sound Machine are given free rein on 014. ‘Triple Bacon’ is the most obvious sounding cut here, with both ‘The New Filth’ and ‘Sharks’ going down a dubbier, occasionally big band route. ‘Mirko’s Edit’ is a more crystalline, but sparser feeling version of ‘Triple Bacon’, while ‘Rene Audiard’s Remix’ puts us in more familiar Blank Slate territory, albeit embellished with discordant brass instead of his more familiar abstractions. There’s also a Lalo Schifrin feel to this release in parts, which is nice.

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