Saturday, May 14, 2016

Coordinated EP - Ben Buitendijk & Koen Hoets (An Der Grenze)

Title: Coordinated EP
Artist: Ben Buitendijk & Koen Hoets
Label: An Der Grenze
Cat Number: ADG002
Genre: Techno

A. 51°54'01.6"N 4°28'05.0"E
B. 51°54'33.0"N 4°29'13.7"E

It’s all about atmosphere with this pair of long, linear techy gems. And it’s no wonder Ben Buitendijk was selected to mix one of Steve O’Sullivan’s Mosaic mixes. This is spacey stuff, and a gift, both for the long, extended mix, in which tracks can dip their feet and barely break the surface tension, but also make a more telling contribution; or dominate the moment in their own right, adding emphasis and gravitas.  The B side feels more of this Earth, in that it has a slightly more solid structure, but this is a detail which could change on repeated listenings. Reminds me of some moments of Zadig’s ‘Kern Space Adventures’, which is almost as good as it can get.

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LumièresLaNuit (LLN) said...

Hi man,
Many thanks for review Ben & Koen's Coordinated EP (ADG002), I really appreciate. Could you please correct Ben's last name "Buitendijk" (not Buitenduk) in the title, please. Many thanks!
Edouard (LumièresLaNuit, TONE SERIES, An der Grenze)