Monday, March 21, 2016

The Sugar Cane Chronicles Vol. 1 - Gary Gritness (Hypercolour)

Title: The Sugar Cane Chronicles Vol 1
Artist: Gary Gritness
Label: Hypercolour
Cat Number: HYPE051
Genre: Electro Funk

A1: Working Girls
A2: Stayin’ Strong Hand
B1: Preachin’ Some Tight Game
B2: Fly Shit

Gary Gritness, a name which, if I’m honest, brought to mind a similarly -monickered glam rock nonce adds more range to Hypercolour’s already very varied roster and also takes it in a direction much less travelled. There’s a whiff of g-funk and that slowed-down 1980’s throwback weirdness, popularized by, on the one hand artists like Wolf & Lamb and their various attachments, and on the other Games, the briefly surreal, slowed-down melancholic arm of Daniel Lopatin and Joel Ford. This stuff sort of falls in between the two and emits nothing but solar vibes, a piece of cake for this session instrumentalist.

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