Sunday, December 27, 2015

Resolute EP - Monoak (Freerotation Records)

Title: Resolute EP

Artist: Monoak
Label: Freerotation Records
Cat Number: FR02
Genre: Techno

01: Resolute
02: When
03: Amay
04: Sync Sequence 1

The closest I’ve come to witnessing Freerotation is, like the majority, through recorded sets put up on Soundcloud. Whether the label’s second release is also indicative of an implicit general vibe is a moot point, but I can’t fault its originality. There’s an omnipresent crepuscular ambience present in each track and, although the first three make use of a regular, dampened beat, the sounds and textures arranged around this backbone are fragile and ephemeral. ‘Sync Sequence’, however, loses momentum but flops around beautifully. An interesting EP, full of evocative noise, where rhythm and gossamer meet to create something very interesting.

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