Sunday, October 04, 2015

Midnight Wave - Imre Kiss (Lobster Theremin)

Title: Midnight Wave
Artist: Imre Kiss
Label: Lobster Theremin
Cat Number: LT013
Genre: Ambient

A1: Accept The Light
A2: Gray’s Legend
A3: Caeland
A4: Adrift
B1: Somorja
B2: Sweet Cherry Soul
B3: Midnight Wave
B4: Stolen Moment
B5: Shadow Game

This is an album which shimmers with a bittersweet bounce. There’s a wonderful aura that envelops its unhurried rhythm, dropping it within the confines of a medieval fantasy and a science-fiction epic with random precision. The fact that this work is apparently “A sonic portrait of an alienated moment in London . . . “ isn’t really relevant as far as the larger listening experience is concerned. It’s a soundscape which encapsulates multitudes, the urban experience being one of many. An obvious comparison to make is with Burial, and there are similarities, but this is a more concrete piece of work; alternating between various states of matter, while emphasizing a pleasing symmetry and balance. So, even though the ambient genre thrives on themes, its flexibility also allows it to lend itself to any expanse of the imagination. ‘Midnight Wave’ has this suppleness, feeling alienating and embracing at the same time, which is nice.

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