Monday, December 15, 2014

Differ-ent EP - Differ-ent aka DJ Bone (Don't Be Afraid)

Title: Differ-ent EP
Artist: Differ-ent aka DJ Bone
Label: Don’t Be Afraid
Cat Number: DBA018
Genre: Techno

A: Different (hrall)
B: Different (ity)

My youngest son is doing some homework at the moment which involves completing a crossword in which the skeleton makes up the words. The perfect reminder then, to write this small, but overdue piece on DJ Bone’s debut release from his alter-ego, Differ-ent. The sound is crystalline and, like this review, concise. ‘Different (hrall)’ is an insistent, linear dialogue with west Africa, while ‘Different (ity)’ is its tonal opposite, sacrificing intricacy for the more wide-open spaces of a sinister, softened around the edges, dub–imbued industrialism. Both tracks are sharp as needles, full of clarity and, as examples of repetitive beats, stand out from the crowd.

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