Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Non-Specifics Vol 1

I’m currently laid up with some post-holiday virus, so I thought I’d use my time wisely and do a mix. It’s been a long time since the last one and it showed. A complete lack of coordination at times had me flailing like a beached octopus at  high noon.  I’m just listening back to the results now though and it seems ok. Going back to a conversation myself and the redoubtable Harry Sword had while broadcasting the most recent “Thee Kaleidoscopic Rebellion”, made me think again about smoothness countered by slight imperfection, and how these little signs of humanity are an accurate glimpse of authenticity. I suppose the more I get around to doing more mixes the more I’ll feel the need to redo them if necessary, having been able to create the time to produce in the first place will probably, in my world at least, paradoxically establish more space in which to exist artistically.  With a bit of luck I’ll make this a monthly series, there will be a track list posted next week.

The mix can be found here btw.

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