Saturday, June 22, 2013

Thee Kaleidoscopic Rebellion: 15/6/13

Well, after what seems like an eternity, the hiatus is over. Harry helmed the Kaleidoscopic Rebellion last Saturday, which was the first show for six or seven weeks, because of outside broadcasts dominating the Cambridge 105 schedule. I return next Saturday, maybe with a guest mix, maybe not. Until then, get your teeth into this.

In Harry's own words . . . "the middle bit is 25 entire minutes of Earths drone metal epic 'Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine' haha."
Pangaea - Trouble (Hessle Audio)
Cosmin TRG - Auster (Bleep Green)
James Ruskin - The Outsider (Luke Slaters ME remix) (Blueprint)
Trade - Touch this skin (She Works the Long Nights)
Ramadanman - Tempest (Hemlock)
Shifted - The Cold Light, Sektor B (Avian)
Andrea Santoro - Solid Smoke (Horizontal Ground)
2562 - Embrace (3024)
October and Appleblim - NYFizz (Smorgasboard)
Pearson Sound - Clutch (Hessle Audio)
Earth - Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine (Sub Pop)
Surgeon - Patience (Dynamic Tension)
Svenghalisghost - (L.I.E.S)
DJ Qu - Undesribed (Syncrophone)
Emptyset - Altogether Lost (Peverelist version)
Pearson Sound - Quiver (Non Plus)
Demdike Stare (002 Test Pressing)
Samuel Kerridge - Waiting for Love 3(Downwards)
Samuel Kerridge - Waiting for Love 4 (Downwards)

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