Saturday, April 27, 2013

For Your Listening Pleasure

So many mixes, so little time. Apart from reviewing, mixes are what I listen to most and what soundtrack my evenings and weekends. They are my bedroom's aural wallpaper and there's shitloads of them about. Here are a few of the best ones out there at the moment.

Absolutely immense mix from Donato Dozzy to commemorate the 200th edition of the Electronique It podcast. Grab it here, where you will also find a track list and, for those of you who speak Italian, an interview.

A Northern Vietnamese propaganda picture showing a NLF guerrilla holding a Chinese Type 56 (Chinese AK47) assault rifle, while her NLF sisters look onto her with pride. Note the use of the red & white Krama (scarf) on the guerrilla fighter on the left.

And that's just the description of the accompanying picture . . . Mix from Shawn O'Sullivan below. BTW, I used to know a kid called Shawn O'Sullivan. Great footballer but with disturbingly large teeth. His sister was a mirror image of him, but with pigtails.

Martyn for Mutek.

Another wonderfully warped mix, this time from Rrose.

Download it here. Track list on site.

Chloe for Pulse Radio.

A newie from Cottam The third in the always interesting 'Halal Prepared' series from Boe Records. Another lengthy journey into the unknown from Eric Clotier. Superb mix from Delta Funktionen. S2 behind the wheels of steel. Jane Fitz The inimitable Claude Young. Rounding off with some Luv Jam.

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