Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thee Kaleidoscopic Rebellion: 23/2/13

Pump & Bounce (Short Mix) - Tevo Howard (Permanent Vacation) from 'What Is Sound'
B2 - Ron Trent/Joshua/Abacus/Chez Damier  (Prescription)
Space Coral - Marco Bernardi (Futureboogie)
Antacid (Wish Mountain Remix) - Link (Warp/Evolution)
Hoover Bag - Luke Solomon (Fullbarr) from 'Beyond Therapy Vol. 1
Freedom Train (No Ears Mix) - Groovestyle (Classic)
Memoir - Lil' Mark (Eclectic Avenue Records)
Paradise (Salt City Orchestra Mix) - Nick Holder (NRK)
Taxi Talk (Urban Tribe No Strings Remix) - Nina Kraviz (Rekids)

True Love - DJ F (AHD)
Techno City '95 - Audiotech (Tresor)
Deep Sea Dweller - Drexciya (UR)
Version 5 - Kevin McPhee (3024) FROM THE 'Dovercourt' EP
Visions In My Mind - Legowelt (Unknown To The Unknown)
Joule - Cassegrain (Prologue)
Search (Tripeo remix) - Samuli Kemppi (Balans)
Haste - Skudge (Skudge)
You Can Do Your Memories - Isolee (Pampa)
08 - Moon B (People's Potential Unlimited)

Last night's show was an enjoyable one, it even featured interaction with listeners, not on the radio itself you understand, but via social media. It''s certainly not the first time that's happened but it's always nice when it does. I also briefly lost the plot during the Kevin McPhee track.I took off my headphones to hear nothing coming out of the speakers. Due to the output lights and sundry other indicators I could tell that the show was still being broadcast, but I hadn't realised that I must have knocked the guest mic slider up a tadge. Anyway, citing "technical problems", I sweated for thirty seconds or so before finally steering things back on course. I'm also not sure if Margaret Scratcher's show was up next, despite saying once or twice throughout the show that it was "coming up at eleven". Annoyingly, Harry's show from two weeks ago wasn't on the hard drive, must ask about that and try and pick it up during the week.

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