Saturday, September 01, 2012

Derrick Carter In The House!

So, we have here two cassette's worth of "Illusions," a promo mix recorded by Derrick about fourteen years ago, and one side of a mix called 'Hazy Daze.' Derrick was the DJ who changed my perception about the art of playing records and, up to this day and beyond, makes it look easy, creating and reediting on the fly. He's a one-man Ableton Live who, consequently,.  negates the need for any sort pf DJ software on his sets. As far as I know the man plays out mostly on cd at the moment. He was doing that the last time I saw him, which must be around ten years ago. and a criticism often levelled at him is that he hasn't really moved with the times, as he still plays, by and large, the same stuff he always has. This may be true, but anyone who has ever witnessed him live will have walked away moved, physically and emotionally, even if they didn't always like the music being played. Derrick's ability to transcend mood, trends and taste are what has always set him apart and, for me at least, he still occupies a very special place, to which only a few others are allowed. Technically he's second to none, his skills have to be heard and seen to be believed and, above all, he does his own thing. He's a Chicago house institution and no one has done more, on a global level, to promote that city's congenital club and music scene. He also shows no sign of slowing down, and his Soundcloud page is one of the most active around, so check out the groove and let me know what you think.

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