Saturday, June 09, 2012

The Music Just Turns Me On . . .

It's been a long time since I posted any links to mixes I've been enjoying so I'll use this as an excuse to do just that. I download so many and listen to so few by comparison though. Too much music, too little time . . . and that last comment has just made me realise how long it's been since I finished a book . . . too long. Let's leave it at that.

First up is the last thing I actually listened to and it's the latest installment in Modyfier's illustrious "Process" series. Conceptually infallible, this series started off a long time ago and was launched by Rayna Deniord; here's its manifesto (in case you need a reason to listen to this much good music). I contributed 'Process 191', having been invited by Rayna to do so after being nominated by Nitzan Hermon. Anyway, out with the old . . . it's most recent contribution comes from Kontra-Musik's CEO Ulf Eriksson, and while I'm at it, check out its predecessor by DJ Nobu.

What I've got on on the background as I type this is a recording of the Mixmag all-nighter hosted by Visionquest. You can watch it in its entirety here, or download the set here. Dave Aju's on at around 1:10 if you want a quick track id. 
Marcel Dettmann's set from Fuse in April should be good, I've yet to listen to it, and there's some classic Detroit grooves to marvel over in the shape of  "Claude Young live at Honey Soundsystem". Another Claude Young mix surfaces in the shape of "Presents A Reflection of What Is ." Two massive files surfaced in the shape of an Underground Quality Labelnight 28/4/12, notable for containing a Dan Bell set, just don't ask me where on Earth it is though, seek and ye shall find.

Here's Shonky from the Culprit Sessions on The Standard Rooftop in LA in April, a brilliant comeback mix from Hipp-E & Halo, aka H-Foundation . . . I've just reviewed a Monty Luke release, and feeling inspired decided to check out some of his sets. Check his Soundcloud page . . . similar advice regarding Rich Korach . . . Nina Kraviz's Essential mix is here, as is Nicolas Jaar's.

Cottam's "From Bar-B-Que To Basement" mix is another I've yet to get around to, but I like his style so I think it'll be a risk worth taking. The always engaging Bill Patrick made a podcast for Trace A Line recently, and his Private Stock radio show has just started to be broadcast by Pulse Radio. The redoubtable Andrew Weatherall is proliferating at the moment, and two sets in particular have caught my ears. 'Live At Discoteca Poca, Liverpool 14/10/11' (my manor on my birthday), and 'Weatherall & Johnston At Disco Deviant, Brighton 20/4/12' are both well worth a listen and continue to document the hirsute one's continuing fascination with the slower, more cosmic side of things.

Finally, for those of you who like things to plunge a little bit deeper, two mixes from Jay Daniel, 'Pervasions Vol1' & 'Vol 2' respectively, XDB's 'Chipped Antiquities' podcast from last month, a set from Patrice Scott recorded at the Christina Record shop in the East End last month, another contribution to the Trace A Line series, this time from DJ Qu.

(Note. Visionquest mix descends into accordion-driven bollocks soon after Dave Aju. Luciano would love this crap).

(Further note. Check the comments on the Youtube page for Visionquest. It would seem said shite tune is in fact by Luciano. I take no credit for this piece of stereotypical telepathic track iding.)

(Final note. Visionquest mix isn't bad.)

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