Monday, May 07, 2012

Distilled Grooves

I'm more random than ever at the moment. In an attempt to keep in touch with technology and give the impression I'm in control of my social networking persona, I've taken to posting random tracks most days on this blog and then putting them up for more public consumption over on my Facebook page, as well as Twitter and, god knows why, Google+. It's quite an interesting departure because although this isn't really new for most out there, it is for me. As ever though, it's very much driven by stream-of-consciousness and whatever seems to tickle my fancy at the time. Today though I thought I'd put a little bit more intent behind it so, in what I hope becomes a weekly jaunt, here's the first of my themed video uploading sessions. Today I'd like to concentrate on what's concise, condensed and compressed. Not as lengthy and not as quick. . . .slow but slinky . . . the stuff that you wished you'd realised was never going to mix into your penultimate track in your set but because you had a stylised view of it, it had to be shoehorned in whatever the case. Slow house. . .

The first of some randomly-chosen slow jams. Derrick is the best at this stuff.

From the same general direction as before. Funktastic!

Slinky smooth. Unfortunately summertime shows no sign of making itself felt where I live.

Laid-back lunar grooves.

Just one of Cottam's. There's a very soul/African feel to most of his music, thankfully it never ends up sounding cliched.

Blissful deep grooves.

I realise I've started off slow but gradually built up speed.

That's more like it.

Picks up the pace again, but what an edit.

While we're in Norway . . .

Well, I started off with the best intentions, but occasionally went off the rails. More discipline needed next time methinks.

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