Thursday, April 12, 2012

Some New Pschidt

It's been a while since I've posted any links to sets that have taken my fancy, so I'll get on with it. I live in a mix - ordained space, practically everything I listen to on my IPod is a mix. I listen to enough bits and pieces when reviewing and feeding back to various agencies and distributors, so I don't really see the need to listen to anything when out and about and not near to a computer. I also don't want to clutter up the blog firmament with more recommendations, as this particular blog has recently been in danger of becoming a host for links. I flirted with some very small reviews a while back which were blog-only and impressionistic to say the least. These might return soon and be a little more regular. In the meantime though, here are some links to some sets "I've been digging."

I've been downloading all of Luv Jam's mixes from his Soundcloud, which you can find here. Similar treatment has been meted out to Rex Club resident Molly and sultry Swedish sexpot La Fleur. Luv Jam had been on my radar for a while, having first come to my attention through receiving promos from Electric Sheep and Black Sheep Trax. La Fleur first came to my attention when I reviewed her latest release for Ibiza Voice whereas i'd known about Molly for a while, but was forced into action after hearing her brilliant remix of Spencer Parker's 'The Improvised Minotaur' on his 'Versions Francaise' Rekids release.

Mixes from Derek Plaslaiko are, inexplicably, few and far between, which is why his Sordid Culture podcast is well worth a listen. Ben UFO crops up in non-Rinse FM mode in this recording of a set recently recorded in Naples. Cottam is another charscter who seems unnecessarily shrouded in mystery, although I'm sure it's not completely down to him. Here's something that I noticed a few weeks ago. Subb-an came correct not so long ago with a mix recorded for Fabric, the redoubtable Fred P has some Planetary Travelling on his agenda . . . and here's a live recording of Butane at Black Market Membership a couple of weeks ago in New York.
There are whisperings of the sets from Get Lost in Miami being posted, so more on that if and when the time arises. Meanwhile, keep your eyes on Resident Advisor, who have had some excellent podcasts recently courtesy of Harvey, Floating Points and sundry others. FACT as well, with Soul Clap and Huxley making up their last two offerings, as well as the excellent King Britt . . . Oh, and before I forget, here's one from Robert Johnson resident Ata, a TEA podcast from 
Mike Parker, and an excellent set from Time Warp by Magda.

That'll do for now I reckon.

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