Saturday, July 16, 2011

July Chart

Atlantic EP - Metope (Factor City)

Lucky Tiger EP - Axel Boman (Glass Table)

Monad Vll - Go Hiyama (Stroboscopic Artefacts)

One Year Later - Arkist & Kidkut (Hotflush)

Subconscious EP - Jesuon (Hypercolour)

Thwack Remixes - Marcel Fengler (Mote-Evolver)

Untitled - V/A (Stockholm Ltd)

X-Trak 1 Remixes - Percy X (Soma)

Carbonated EP - Mount Kimbie (Hotflush)

Rendezvous/Fill Your Coffee - Arkist (Apple Pips)

Kelly Price Weight Gain Vol ll - Hype Williams (Hyperdub)

Dedication - Zomby (4AD)

Here's Julys chart, with two entires from Hotflush, and two from Hypercolour - Glass Table being an offshoot label. Hypercolour is on the proverbial roll at the moment, with each release being extremely well-balanced and full of rigour. A real effort is being made to involve interesting and off-kilter contributions. The third member of the trinity, Losing Suki, is just as good. Meanwhile 'Carbonated' from Mount Kimbie, features three original works: 'Carbonated,' 'Fulx,' and 'Baves Chords,' as well as a Klaus remix of 'Adriatic' and two remixes of 'Carbonated.' One from Airhead, and the cherry on top from Peter van Hoesen. Techno in the shape of the excellent remix package of Marcel Fengler's 'Thwack', 'Untitled' a various artists EP featuring contributions from Pfirter, Skudge, Staffan Linzatti, Oliver Kapp and Tom Dicicco, Go Hiyama's 'Monad Vll' and also Percy X's 'X-Trak 1 Remixes' with a contribution from both Joris Voorn (better than I thought I'd be), and Regis (exactly as I imagined). Zomby has an album out on 4AD, but don't expect The Cocteau Twins or My Bloody Valentine, while Hyperdub delves deep into abstract depths with Hype Williams' 'Kelly Price Weight Gain Vol ll.' As you can see, Arkist pops up twice: once on t6he already released 'Rendezvous/Fill Your Cofee' on Apple Pips, and again, this time with Kidkut, on the imminently appearing 'One Year Later'. Last, but by no means least, Metope's 'Atlantic EP' on the Barcelona-based Factor City is a six track release featuring remixes of two of the originals by Dave Dk, Undo and, perhaps the best of the three, John Daly.

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