Sunday, June 19, 2011

June Chart

It's worrying how fast time flies. Here I am, thinking that I should write another chart, when I realise that I've missed out May altogether. Ah well, April's was belated anyway.

Disappointing Dancefloors - Alex Jones (Hypercolour)

Sigha EP - Sigha (Hotflush)

Telophase - Incyde (Steadfast)

Convexations EP - Jon Convex (3024)

The Rejection - Corrugated Tunnel (Process Recordings)

Covers EP - Benoit & Sergio/Slow Hands (Double Standard)

Dancer In The Dark EP - Ahmet Sisman (Stock5)

Detroit Deepconstructed - V/A (Soiree)

How Can I Feel - Inxec & Leks (Culprit)

The Eastside Story - Marcellus Pittmann (Seventh Sign)

Transmissions - Norm Talley (Thema)

Visionquest Summer Beach Edition - V/A (Visionquest)

Principles - Benoit & Sergio (DFA)

Learning To Fly - Matthew Jonson (Minus)

Yangango EP - Gregorythme (Cityfox)

Rollercoasters Of The Heart - Bass Clef (Punch Drunk)

Scotch Your Mind - Alli Borem (Desolat)

Remixes - Steffi (Ostgut Ton)

I Don't Smoke EP - Matias Aguayo (Kompakt)

Panta Rei Remixes - Agoria (Infine)

Feeling a bit short of ideas and inspiration at the moment. Probably something to do with being at home while Sonar is going on. It's now three years since I was last there. I can clearly remember coming back from a Kompakt party to watch the closing stages of the Spain/Italy Euro '08 semi. Not what you travel to Barcelona for really, but hearing the cheers over the roofs of San Adria de Besos as Fabregas put in the decisive penalty made it all worth it.

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