Thursday, February 17, 2011

Steffi At The Fountain

In typically low-key style there will be something relatively momentous happening next week that will hopefully fire the ever embryonic Cambridge underground dance music scene with enthusiasm. Steffi, one of the most in-demand house DJs at the moment, will be playing a set in the unlikely surroundings of The Fountain pub on Regent's Street in the centre of Cambridge.. To say I was more than a little gobsmacked when I found this news out would be an understatement, and of course I came across it very randomly while checking my Facebook news feed. I could so easily have missed it and it would then have slipped quietly under the radar never to be seen again, except in hindsight.

Anyway, hats off to the promoters of Friday Club, which is when it should be, but due to Cambridge city centre having a dislike of clubs with adventurous music policies on Fridays and Saturdays the night is taking place on a Monday. I'm off work next week so I'll be going but due to me living a good drive away, and probably having to take a cab home, it's not something I'd be able to do every month. It'd mean a £30 fare and a day of leave on the Tuesday. My student days are long behind me and I've got a family to support so it's very frustrating to realise that this could be the start of something big. I've just seen that the March night is on the 14th and features Elgato and John Roberts. Well pissed off, but in a good way.

Steffi's debut album 'Yours And Mine' has just been released on Ostgut Ton. It's a fine, accomplished piece of work that wears its influences proudly on its sleeve. A DJ first and foremost, Steffi's taste and instinct have obviously been shaped by where she plays, particularly Berlin's Panorama Bar, where she has been resident for the past five years. She's also a label boss too, for Klakson and Dolly, which has been the focus of most of her recent talent spotting. She's someone who most definitely knows their onions in a variety of fields, (see what I did there?) and is a current must-see. She'll have vocalist Virginia in tow with her which should give her set an interesting, extra dimension. Lets hope she gets the reception she deserves this Monday.

Here's a link to a recent mix and interview from Steffi. Here's her Mnml Ssgs Labyrinth special from September last year, and one to a huge night with Sissi and Ben Klock from January 2009. There's a few more around if you can be arsed.

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