Sunday, November 07, 2010

End Of Weekend Thoughts

Aurorae Pts 1& 2 - Kuoyah (Frijsfo Beats)

Two separate releases from Kuoyah, aka Marco Donnarumma, on the impressive Frijsfo Beats. Space dub from the fifth dimension across this soon-to-be separately released double-header. Ethereal grooves from another world, this collection is very high on quality. The sound of synapses and nerve endings being programmed, reprogrammed and unleashed during the carboniferous period.

First Impressions - Miruga (Logos)

As with all the releases so far on this label, the attention to detail and reverential feel is tangible. You know what you're getting. Deep, Detroit-infused house/techno for the most part, but this is an altogether jazzier release and a lot looser-limbed. A fine piece of work.

Aleph Part Four - VA (Darek)

Ten tracks of varying tech-house intensity from artists located in the four corners of the globe. Some you'll like, some you won't. No great insight to be had here other than you stating that there will almost certainly be something that you do like.

TV Junkie EP - Lado (FVF Records)

The Right Place EP - R. Audiard (La Folia Recordings)

Quite trancey. Not bad. Has a timeless quality that I quite like, but occasionally shimmers a bit too much.

Lost Files Vol. 3 - VA (Hypercolour Digital)

Some new remixes of, amongst others, Glimpse and Mark Henning. Shannon's remix of Glimpse's 'Train In Austria' is a burly monster of a track that takes no prisoners while Bodycode's interpretation of Hanning's 'The Right Time' is characteristically wonderful. There's more if you want to check it.

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