Sunday, February 21, 2010

Machines Are Funky RIP

So that's it then. I must confess to feeling quite emotional regarding the death of 209 Radio, and particularly my show, which breathed its last at 9pm yesterday. For the first time since we started broadcasting at our studio I decided to play an almost exclusive set of vinyl, all of which had come out before my first show back in September 2004. The one concession to cds was the Omar S track, which paved the way for 'Hi-Tech Jazz' as my last ever track for 209 Radio and my show.

Here's the tracklist:

Time And Space - Francois K (Wave)
Forever Monna - Chez Damier & Stacey Pullen (Balance)
Make It Hot - DJ Buck (Siesta)
Faithfull (Prassay mix) - Fantomas (Source)
Theme From Blue Cucaracha (D's Rednail Reconstruction) - The Innocent (After Midnight)
Back To Back - Discocaine (Zoom)
Latin Seoul - DJ Sneak (Large)
Pick Your Poison - Chris Nazuka (Tweekin')
Can't Take It (Herbert's Some Dumb Dub)
The Dream (Sharam's Deep Dish Dreamscape) - Deep Dish Presents Prana (Tribal)
Generate Power (Wild Pitch mix) - Photon Inc (Strictly Rhythm)
The Preacher Man - Green Velvet (Relief)
Tick Tock (Apocalypse Now mix) - Chiapet (Yoshi Toshi)
Bon Voyage - Air Frog (Svek)
Casa - The Purpose Maker (Axis)
Kylie Said To Jason - The KLF (KLF Communications)
Cosmos - Omar S (FXHE)
Hi - Tech Jazz (The Science) - Galaxy To Galaxy (Underground Resistance)

As mentioned in an earlier post, I intend to, at the very least, podcast. These will vary from house/techno, etc to more eclectic offerings in the vein of my recent Modyfier 'Process' mix. They will all go on my new blog reserved for mixes, a link to which is at the top of the links section.

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