Saturday, September 05, 2009

Machines Are Funky: 5.9.09 Playlist

This is my fifth anniversary playlist.

Aurora - John Daly (IRR)
008.2 - Mountain People (Mountain People)
Broken - 20/20 Soundsystem (20/20 Vision)
Track 1 - Trickski (Stillove4music)
Aha - David Labeij (Remote Area)
Absolute Zero - Jamie Jones (Crosstown Rebels)
Keep On - Boola & Negru (Cecille)
El Cinco - Alex Kid (Cadenza Split Composition)
Chinese Whispers - Sei A (Gigolo)
Yipyippyip - Olene Kadar (Mo's Ferry)
The Right Time (Chris Simmonds' Houseproud remix) - Mark Henning (Hypercolour Digital)
Smoking Mirrors - Lee Curtiss (Spectral Sound)
Chi Town - Ricardo Jefferson (Nice & Nasty)
Running - DVS1 (Klockworks)
Seven Tribes Of Hoti - DJ3000 (Motech)
Skeptic - Numberkult 2 (Numberkult)
I Don't Need The Sun To Shine - Marcin Czubala (8-Bit)
Piumino (Barem & Someone Else Dub mix) - Ronan Portela (Foundsound)
Untitled - Kirk Degiorgio (B12)
Until Then, Goodbye - Lawrence (Dial)

Back in two weeks time.

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