Monday, July 06, 2009


Another obscure mix from a reasonably clandestine producer.

Ra.H is Morphosis, is Upperground orchestra producer and member. Ra.H’s name is Rabih, is renew and revival. Ra.H is Sun, is Light, and Insanity. Ra.H is a state of mind that goes beyond sound and image
You are Ra.H
Ra.H is Ra.H
Music is a Language.
Through it you will express yourself. You will be opening new frontiers and knowing more people. Discovering a whole new world.
Music is a Universal language.
Through it you will understand the meaning of life, it will guide you and save you. You will speak and comunicate your feelings. And like every language you learn, a new personality you will acquire, You will find a new world, and through this language you will guide a revolution.

(BTW: I didn't write the above. I don't think I'm capable.)

Download Ra.H Stripped Down and Raw Broken Mix 71 here

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