Sunday, February 01, 2009

Mulletover Podcast

Here's a link to download the latest, (and its ancestors), Mulletover podcast. I'm not going to waffle aimlessly in the hope of giving an original, as yet unheard potted history of the club. Instead, click on the eponymous link, and find out more. Failing that, try this one.

I get a lot of requests from people too lazy to get their fingers out and find good mixes on the net. I shall therefore be posting links to mixes I like from now on. Can't be arsed today, as I've already posted the above podcast blurb. Look out for these in perpetuity from now on though.

More to come this week. A couple of reviews soonio and of course the show on Saturday. It's cold at the moment though and I just want to eat apple pie with creme fraiche.

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