Sunday, November 16, 2008

Machines Are Funky: 15.11.08 with Ian P

Here's the playlist for last night's show where local free/semi-legal party hero Ian P was my guest.

Ray Of Hope (A Made Up Sound mix) - Quantec (Echocord Colour)
RD's Movement (Randy Watson Variation no 4) - Sascha Dive (Deep Vibes)
Motown Revival - Kris Wadsworth (Hypercolour)
Panic (Bass Clef 4.4 mix) - Jamie Jones (Crosstown Rebels Digital)
Schizophrenia - Burnski (Morris Audio)
Circuit Breaker (Trulz & Robin remix) - Onark (Fine Art)
Desolate Destination - Polygamy Boys (Creme Eclipse)
Giza Visa (Mikael Stavostrand remix) - Shadi Megalla (Dilek)
Balanced:Troubleshooter 1 - Orlando Voorn (Mixtape)

Ian P in the Mix:

Where Ya At - Inland Knights (Raise Recordings)
CatchThe GooGoo Remix - Kober & Fischer (GooGoo)
Squirreled - Nick Fanciulli (Renaissance)
Total Departure - Christian Smith & John Selway (Drumcode)
Jack The Ripper - Three Amigos (PHD)
Zvija - Valentino Kanzyani (Cirlce)
Catch My Riff - Dislodged & Mogul (IO Music)
Dog - Adam Shaw (Mau5strap)
Bring Back The Jack - Paranoid Jack (Thrust)
The Rear - Freeze Frame
Cirlcling The Sun - Nils Hess (Eukahouse)

I chatted to Ian during the first half of the show during the Jamie Jones and Shadi Megalla tracks.

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