Saturday, September 20, 2008

Machines Are Funky Playlist: 20/9/08

Here's tonight's playlist. A good show even if I do say so myself.

Detroit (C2 remix 1) - Morgan Geist (Environ)
L' Aurora (Russ Gabriel remix) - Alex Niggeman & Marc Poppke (Moonpool)
Nesrib - Sis (Cecille)
A1 La Pena Vol 1
Book Duty - Goldwill (Musik Geewint Freunde)
Run and Hide (Guido Schneider remix) - Dimitri Andreas (Systematic)
Hello Kool Nice - Jagged (Quintessentials)
Whirrfless - Alex Smoke (Vakant)
Jacopo Carreras - Jacopo Carreras (LAN)
Sancy Cat - Clara Moto (Infine)
The Thoroughfare - Craig Torrance & Philip Hochstrate (Murmur)
Fertile - Burnski (Dessous)
SF - Catz & Dogz (Mothership)
All We Need - STL (Something)
Snake Charmer - Minilogue (Cocoon)
Come Closer - Itokim (Logos)
Chad Leddow - Ralph Sliwinski (Safari Electronique)
4-Bit Logic - The Plan (The Plan)

The photo is in honour of the tit who threw up right next to me on the bus home. What a twat.

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