Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tokyo Shanghai - Shlomi Aber (Ovum)

Title: Tokyo Shanghai
Artist: Shlomi Aber
Label: Ovum
Genre: Messy, Druggy Stuff

Tokyo Shanghai

"Quivery" is a competent acid bubbler which, while offering nothing new, at least feels like it means business and will always be a helpful set addition when things start to flag just when they need to be getting more serious. It's a mixing track by any other name, "meat and potatoes intensity" with some nice "tuneful" white noise as a backdrop. "Tokyo Shanghai" uses slightly jarring notes to get things going along with sporadic rattles and echoes to eventually create mass wonkiness, the type that will all make sense in a sweaty back room with cheap lighting and BO (now the smoking ban's in full effect). A solid two tracker with it's heart firmly in hedonism.

BTW, Shlomi? Shite photo . . .

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