Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Year Downloads and Machines Playlist: 12/1/07

Machines Playlist: 12/1/08

Here's the first playlist of 2008. Big things a comin' for some of these artists and labels this year.

Glittering Way - Itokim (Fine Art)
An Ill Collage - Bruno Pronsato (Hello, Repeat?)
Walkman - Johnny D (8-Bit)
Mismoplastico (Michal Ho Plastic Planet remix) - Virtualismo (Arcobaleno)
Emancipare - Petre Inspirescu (Arpiar)
Confessions of an English Opium Eater - Danton Eeprom (Infine)
Far Out - Sebo K (Mobilee)
Mind - Toketronic (Clever)
Trancized - Elektrodrei (Ostwind)
Acai - Jay Haze & Guido Schneider (Tuning Spork)
Walkabout - Nick Hogendoorn & Eelke Kleijn (Ork)
Bettfluchthemmung (Martin Czubala remix) - Stefan Tretau (Heimatmelodie)
The Rhythm, The Drum - Wipe the Needle (Deeply Rooted House)
The Road of Life (Quiet Village Sound Factory dub) - Francois K (Deep Space Media)
Glide Over - Miss Fitz (Raum)
Fat Cat - Guilluame & the Coutu Dumonts (Musique Risquee)
Red Coffee - Markus Enichson (Imprime)

So here's the first freebies of what I hope promises to be a great year. I'll also give details, when I can remember, of where I bought the tracks. I lived in record stores for about twenty five years and had some great times in them. I'm using the past tense because try as we might, it'll never be quite the same again.

Subject - Kou (Grass Green)

Old Bush sub-label and home to, amongst others, Terry Francis' and Nathan Coles' "Housey Doings." I'll post them in the future when I've found them. Until then, here's the pick of an obscure three tracker by Kou. Who he? . . .she?

Move My Body (Acid Jesus original mix) - Acid Jesus (Exploding Plastic Inevitable)

I first heard this on Darren Emerson's "Psychotrance" mix a log, long time ago. Originally released on David Holmes' Belfast-based EPI, it's Alter Ego don't y'know? Bought this from RoughTrade in Paris off a Mr Ivan Smagghe.

You Can't Stop the Groove (parts 1-4) - Coco, Steel & Lovebomb (Warp)

Not quite as good as 'Feel It' but not bad all the same. A deadly combination of staccato electronics and a rave diva assure this track's place in peak-time.

Take Me Back - Rhythmatic (Network)

"Electronic music with bleeps." Say no more, but don't forget the sub-bass.

Invisible Force - Industrial Bass Machine (Joey Boy)

Electro with robots on the sleeve, plus vocodered science-fiction ouija board vocals. Miami bass at it's finest. Grabbed at IQ on Lexington Street. I think Mr Dave Mothersole was behind the counter at the time.

The Bone remixes - Persuasion (Open)

Harvey and Hursty at the controls. No info on this, other than it's a remix. I've got Hurstey's copy (still) so it's a white label. Remixes by the original artist as far as I know. An afro-percussive cosmic monster.

El Ritmo de Verdad - Lego (Afterhours)

It's the vocal . . . Spanish over a woozy sax with a slow groove. Once heard never forgotten. Bought at Atlas.

Tech Trax Inc (Xplanatory mix) - Tech Trax Inc (Nu Groove)

First heard this on a Stu Allen show "back in the day." Rheji Burrell at the controls. A manifesto for a new world order with an oriental cyber backing. For some reason this reminds me of the city scenes in "Blade Runner." From Reckless on Berwick Street.

Red 3Tracks/5 Loops - Agent Cooper (Raw Musique)

Looped techno on a mysterious label by a mysterious artist with probably no connection at all to "Twin Peaks." Undulating builders to underpin the mix. I bought this in Paris when I was living there. From Guillame la Tortue's Salinas in Montemarte I think.

Rafi-Ki - Zap Mama (Goodtimes Abroad)

Bit of a weird one, this. Zap Mama are a little bit of everything. Read this from their MySpace page.

"AFRO EUROPEAN MUSIC MARIE DAULNE created the concept " ZAP MAMA " with an acappella group of women . afro-european (post colonial generation; Europe and Africa ) ZAP MAMA started end 1989 , 1990. ffirst album out in 1991. ZAP MAMA is a humanitarian ladies world first."

They need a better translator. Anyway, this comes on like afro house with what I would term almost folky vocals. For some reason I can't get Steeleye Span out of my head when I hear this. I've heard DJ Heather play this on an old Groovetech recording from a WMC gig about five years ago. Other than that it's quite an obscure track. Got this at Black Market.


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how do i copy your mp3's mate?

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Just click on the track titles, they're hyperlinks to Zshare