Saturday, December 08, 2007

The New Batch

So Get Up - Underground Sound of Lisbon (Tribal UK)

Comes in original and Junior Vasquez mixes. Camp American accented spoken word intro exhorts you to "Get Up . . ." because the world's about to end. Classic tribal gear that was omnipresent at The Sound Factory at its height. Also available with Danny Tenaglia reworks.

Klugh - David Alvarado (Ovum)

Tribal heaven, bongo fury. The original's the one for me, but DJ Dozia's mix is pretty good too, and an interesting take on the track. Listen and be uplifted.

Spliffhead Remix - The Ragga Twins (Shut Up And Dance)

British rave that pulls together reggae, techno and early drum and bass. From the classic album "Reggae Owes Me Money." Futuristic whilst sounding decidedly retro.

6400 Crew Theme - Onionz & Master D (Tango)

Nothing too distinctive about this one but it works the floor. Early Tango releases, like those of Siesta relied on a similar gene pool of artists and, thus, cultivated a very similar sound. Onionz is a very underrated producer and has recently produced a remix "Ginebra (Onionz Corrosion remix)" for Funk d'Void on Soma. Not as prolific as a few years ago but still top notch.


cjcooper said...

arrggghh i was hoping you would have had the accapella of the underground sound of lisbon. any chance of upping it?

Pollux said...

Is there an acapella on the version I posted? I'll have a look. Nom more mp3s until the New Year. It'll be posted the weekend of the 5/1/08 if I've got it.
Happy Christmas

Anonymous said...

no there wasnt no accapella, i was hoping there was, if you cant then no worries

Pollux said...

I'll up the accapella at the weekend or before. Send me your contact details and I'll send you a link when it's done.