Monday, November 20, 2006

I went to The Priory at The Fez a few nights ago. After the success of last months installment with James Lavelle I was expecting the place to be doing brisk business. It was doing business but not too briskly. The boys stumped up a lot of money for this one but the discerning Cambridge clubber decided not to show equal dedication to the cause and stayed away. XPress 2 played some of the best music I've heard in Cambridge all year. Maybe this was because we are starved of this kind of house fare that most other towns above and beyond a reasonable size take for granted, maybe it was becuase I have a lot of the records and it was an exercise in mutual good taste. In any case, it's difficult to find fault with the content when it gets off to such a good start. Ricardo Villalobo's mix of DM's "The Sinner in Me" being the case in point. A groove was laid down full of peaks and troughs and while, for yours truly, this is the only way to get the party started, it's not that common in Cambridge. I know I don't get out enough, but I do like to maximise my chances of enjoying good music when I do. Tunes like "Mouth to Mouth," "Give Me a K" and "Doppelwhipper" aren't heard often enough in clubs like the Fez, and that doesn't just go for Cambridge, but up and down the country.

A new night started at The Junction last night. "Product" is apparently promoted by some guys off an american air base. They've already put on parties in Nottingham at Stealth and last night brought Mr C and Audiofly to town. I didn't go but I hope it went well for them. Audiofly were promoting their new "Undulations 2" cd, which is very good. Colin Dale is in town for "Bottom Heavy" Jim Masters' and Largo's night which is now happening at the ARU Academy, having previously been at the Soul Tree. Hopefully Jim will remember our conversation Thursday night and sort out a mix from Colin for my next show, which will go out just before the gig. Other forthcoming highlights include a guest appearance and interview with Mark Henning, hopefully before Christmas, if not, shortly after. He's in Berlin next weekend, playing at the Panorama Bar at a Foundsound party, so I'll be hitting him up for a match report on that a few days later.

On a more academic note, I was recommended
"The Pursuit of the Millennium (Revolutionary Millenarians and Mystical Anarchists of the Middle Ages" by Norman Cohn recently. I'm just about to embark on it. Worth reading just for the story of the "pseudo Baldwin" alone I'm told.

This week's show includes an interview with George and Sam of The Priory, roughly somewhere around the Jeff Samuel track.

Take a Chance - Mr Flagio (Squish/ZYX)
Martyr (Alex Smoke Gravel mix) - Depeche Mode (Capitol)
Something Else - Pig and Dan (Pickadoll)
Mutation - John Tejada (Pallette)
Fizheure Zieheure - Villalobos (Playhouse)
Lukon (Michael Mayer remix) - Mikkel Metal (Echochord)
Shared - SWAT Squad (Galaktika)
The Cave - Jeff Samuel (Trapez)
Red Light (Guy Gerber mix) - Dominik Eulberg (Cocoon)
Structured Music - Stephen Brown (Subject Detroit)

Sam from The Priory in the Mix:

Warning Siren - Tiefschwarz feat. Matty Safer (Fine)
Washing Up (Tiga remix) - Thomas Andersson (BPitch)
Tech Weeks (MJ's TNT mix) - Milton Jackson (Tsuba)
Erotic Discourse - Bobby Peru (20/20 Vision)
The Dogs - Bassbin Twins (Marine Parade)
Mouseville Theme - Cirez D (Mouseville)
Doppelwhipper - Gabriel Anandaq (Platzhirsch)
Charivari - Thomas Barfod (Turbo)
Movin' Thru Your System (Dave Clarke remix) - Jark Prongo (Hooj Tunes)
Emerge (Dave Clarke remix) - Fischerspooner (Gigolo)

Quality over quantity always, but from this week posts will become more frequent as I attempt to tenuously link developments in modern electronic music to just about everything of any importance ever .

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Anonymous said...

Paul, I went to "Product" there was 18 people in there. £2 for the cloakroom didnt cause to much of a problem as jackets were well and truely needed in the main room. They made the mistake of shutting the upstairs where as the few pockets of people may have just about made an impression on Room 2. I left at 1:15 after requesting my money back, I left empty handed but nevermind my house mate played a 10 hour set back at mine to make up for it!!! NOT GOOD! Keall