Monday, August 14, 2006

I've started to feel a bit disconnected from events lately. The family's gone on holiday and there hasn't been much going on, apart from the "Flex" party a couple of weeks ago. I'm alone and it's no fun. You always look forward to it though. Those non-commital days, full of endless possibilities which dissolve before you as you choose a life of sloth to appease your burnt-out self.

Anyway, its a far from desirable state of affairs. The radio show is in need of some serious attention too. Events have overtaken me. I'm going to be a father once again and, while I'm looking forward to it, the economics of the situation aren't too appealing. Still, I've got a good Dominik Eulberg mix on at the moment and "The Chase" is pulsating away around me. "Hit those filters!"

Good show last night, everything went smoothly and, although I'm still unable to mix on-air,(only one turntable in the studio at the moment, we're having a raffle to raise money for a new one, as well as a new mixer), production values have to be kept high and track selection, and, more importantly when not mixing for two hours, programming, has to be impeccable. Not everyone may agree with me when they see the playlist, but I think things went well.

Click here to get the archive for the last show.

A few good nights out to be had in the coming weeks. First is Erol Alkan's visit to The Fez this Thursday, the 17th, playing alongside Priory ressies Sam I Am and The Fish. Bank Holiday weekend kicks off on Friday night at The Fountain on Regent's St wit the visit of Baby G of Eskimo Records from Belgium, support comes from Luke Mallia (Smutt) and Pete Lever. A little bird told me that Tim "Love" Lee will be popping in to lay for an hour as well. On the Sunday we've got the "It's a Bit 2 Fishy" boat party on the Thames. Ressies Pete Lever, Largo and Jonny Davies are to be joined by guests from Madrid and Rome. Finally back in Cambridge, the one and only Carl Craig plays "Bottom Heavy" at The Soul Tree, supported by Jim Masters and Largo. Miss that one at your peril.

I'll try as soon as possible to get back to more regular posting, but not being online chez moi for the past two and a half months does take its toll. More photos are coming too, although I'm going to have to try and borrow a camera for this Thursday at The Fez. A chart will be in place, I hope, by the end of the week. Keep it locked.

Playlist From "Machines . . ." 12/8/06

Are You Ready? - In Flagranti (Codek)

Pee On You - FPony (INeedAFreak)

Free For All (Soundstream mix) - Rhythm & Sound (Burial Mix)

Sub-Atomic - Mathew Jonson (Cocoon)

Chicken Feed - Bushflange (Offshoot)

Marching Powder + The Strip - A Guy Called Gerald (Lab. Instinct)

Z Program (Mark Henning remix) - JPLS (Clever)

Uhu - Goldfish und der Dulz (Boxer)

Marble House (Rex The Dog remix) - The Knife (Brille/Rabid)

Shammy - The Wee DJs (Touchin' Bass)

Transparenza - Mayer/Voight (Kompakt Extra)

Convolution + Subvariety - In Flagranti (Codek)

Mio Bel Figlio Lucca - Octogen (Soma)

My Fellow Boppers - Felix The Housecat (FFRR)

Some Polyphony - Petter (Border Community)

Skitzoid + NightFlight - A Guy Called Gerald (Lab. Instinct)

Moon Rays - Suburban Knight (UR)

Boy From School (Erol Alkan's extended rework) - Hot Chip (EMI)

Let The Music Play - Shannon

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