Monday, June 05, 2006

A ducks-eye-view of Strawberry Fair.

So, Strawberry Fair was on Saturday, and 209 broadcast from the Arts Tent for the whole day. “Machines . . . “ went out at its usual time, 7-9pm, with Pete Lever (local Cambridge dj and all-round nice person on the local scene) providing the guest mix between 8 and 9. Playlist for the first hour below. I didn’t get Pete’s tunes on paper, as I was producing for him at the time and had to keep focussed on the mixing desk. He played some good stuff though, fragments of which are listed.

Was in Paris last week and bought the new mix cd on Kill The DJ, “The Dysfunctional Family” which is mixed by Chloe and Ivan Smagghe. God it’s slash yer wrists, suicidal stuff. Ivan’s shaved off his beard and looks like some sort of defrocked medieval court jester. Sleeve notes refer to his “gender being fucked-up . . .” or something like that. Various comparisons between “gender” and “genre,” make for an uncomfortable listening experience. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like it though.

I’m writing this from the computer at work for the next few weeks, as the domestic one has broken down. Posts will not be as frequent as I’d like, but it’s Sonar next week, and the show is going every two weeks from now. A new powerbook in July methinks, and then things will really take off.

Oh’ and big thanks to Pete for organising the afternoon at the Standard on Mill Road yesterday, Where I played, from 4 to 5.

Machines Are Funky: Playlist 3/6/06

Ride The Pony – Fpony (Get Physical)
The Poke (Your Turn To Work Me Mix) – Adonis & The Endless Poker (NME)
18 Years – Crowdpleaser & St Plomb (Mental Groove Ltd)
Boy From School – Hot Chip (EMI)
Nutshell – Graziano Avitabile (Italic)
Minus 61 In Detroit – David Holmes (Go Discs)
Transparenza – Mayer/Voight (Speicher)

Pete Lever “Interview”

Narcotic Syntax Track off “Superlongevity 4”
Rodeo – Und (Trapez Ltd)

Pete Lever Mix from 8-9.

Pete played a wide array of tracks, starting off with Metro Area 4. I didn’t get my act together and make a list, so you’ll have to tune in here.

Finally, check out another excellent Philip Sherburne article from Pitchfork, this time on what it means to be minimal.

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