Monday, May 02, 2011

Belated April Chart

Thought I'd get this done by the end of deadline day, ie: Saturday. Fortunately reason took over so it's seeped into May. The normal round of releases, not specific tracks. There'll be another one in a couple of weeks.

Armies Of The Night - Manik (Ovum)

Further - Lando Kal (Hotflush)

The Parkhurst - Terrence Dixon (Thema)

Through Motion - Midland (Aus Music)

Motorik Life - Hardrock Striker (Skylax)

Wax 40004

Shots EP - Shenoda (Hypercolour Digital)

Klap Voor Je Backing Vocals - Duijn & amp;Douglas (Feelharmonic)

Like A Circle - Terence:Terry (Landed Records)

Chase's Dream - Agaric & Walker (Dumb Unit)

Sometimes Takes Longer - Burnski (Dessous)

Lime & Pink EP - Wadsworth (One Records)

Dark Song EP - Tale Of Us (Visionquest)

Father, Father - Julio Bashmore feat. Javeon McCarthy (Futureboogie)

Panoramabar 03 Mixed By Prosumer - V/A (Ostgut Ton)

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