Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Track Of The Day: The Message (An Original Hollywood Theme) - Cabaret Voltaire (Apollo)

Thought - Suzukiski (SAISEIi)


Title: Thought 

Artist:  Suzukiski


Cat Number: SAIS003

Genre: Techno

A1: Living In The Room

A2; Nurse

A3: Gyro

B1: Sargasso

B2: Screw

B3: Direct Mail

C1: Build (Extitute Mix)

C2: Hands

C3: Community Chest

D1: Chelsea

D2: 27PM

D3: Thought

The music on this release is nearly thirty years old. However, it is becoming a dilemma for me at least, as to how to address it, and other product like it. Is its timelessness not only a mark of its quality, but also indicative of a lack of adventure within the twin domains of house and techno? The big questions aside, this is a very accomplished release which shows the artist’s imagination in full flow on analogue hardware. Clearly heavily influenced by what had been coming out of Detroit during its most innovative period, the tracks therein are deep, minimal and quirky, remaining within a range of frequencies in order to be ready for the floor as well as the head. ‘Sargasso’ is my favourite track here, a piece that has both a lightness of touch and depth, and is one of eight extended edits for this album. In addition to Detroit there are clear references to the bleep sound of Sheffield, with ‘Screw’ and ‘Hands’ being obvious examples, and a pervasive LFO sub bass. When all is said and done, all roads lead to Detroit, somewhere that this well-observed, understated collection should feel right at home.

The Arsonist & The Architect : 09 Panacea


Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Track Of The Day: La Liberté - KCL Project (Octopus)

Detroit Get Down - Jon Dixon (4EVR 4WRD)


Title: Detroit Get Down

Artist: Jon Dixon 

Label: 4EVR 4WRD

Cat Number: 4EVR-007

Genre: House

A1: On My Own

A2: ‘How We Get Down (In Detroit)

B1: Words Can’t Express

B2: Lisbon Nights (minorINVENTION Edit)

B2: Lisbon Nights (Darrius Quince Edit)

This release from Jon Dixon on his own label is house with a capital ‘H’, and inhabits a jazzy, latin-inflected stratosphere where the sun never sets and the dancing goes on ad infinitum. And while it would be wrong to say any new ground is being broken, the depth of sophistication emitted from these grooves provokes thought and the imagination. The percussive shuffler, ‘On My Own’ features Moodymann. However, it’s not clear what he’s up to. ‘How We Get Down (In Detroit)’ is a more rangy track which features a nice piano line. ‘Words Can’t Express’ drives deeper enveloped in warm keys, as does ‘ Lisbon Nights’ in both edits, which each add their own abstract edge. The whole package is an analogue exercise in jazz – infused deep house, with an undercurrent of disembodied vocals and the polish of live instrumentation. And, as such, is very good indeed.