Monday, April 15, 2024

Track Of The Day: Ohm & Kvadrant - Precious Little Diamond (Levon Vincent Remix) (Kontakt)

A very recent release for a change. This remix by Levon Vincent gets me all nostalgic because it’s a real return to form. Having said that, I haven’t been keeping much of an eye on his recent output, so maybe he never really stopped making tracks like this. And what is “this”? Well, it’s a minimal, tracky stomper which is heavy in all the right places. Hearkening back to the likes of that immortal double header ‘Invisible Bitchslap’ and ‘Woman Is The Devil’, hos take on ‘Precious Little Diamond’ is a little bit quicker, but still manages to showcase his signature approach; ie: one that blends dub techno and a scything groove. Also, whether by accident or design, his tracks have always reminded me of Octave One, which can only be a good thing.

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Track Of The Day: Herbie Hancock - Speak Like a Child (Blue Note)

A composition that can cause the soul to sublimate in submission and, along with ‘Maiden Voyage’, a perfect title track. This album finds Herbie Hancock on serious form, each inflection of his piano crystallizing a moment like a sound supernova. It’s difficult to think of a more relaxing, evocative piece of music; a transcendental force of aural bliss.

Outline.47: Mick Wills


Saturday, April 13, 2024

Track Of The Day: Dopplereffekt - Voice Activated (Dataphysix Engineering)

Originally appearing on the ‘Infophysix’ release on Dataphysix Engineering back in 1996, ‘Voice Activated’ is a typically retro in flavour, but also of a parallel future that, back then, was possibly not as portentous as what we find ourselves living in now. Gerald Donald’s world feels like one where the serious is subverted by the absurd, the two colliding in order to feed off each other in an abstract symbiosis. The three Dataophysix releases came together on the ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ compilation on Int. DJ Gigolos, which is being rereleased imminently, (not for the first time), on Clone Classic Cuts. Essential stuff!


Sugar Free & Fonte | The MUDD Show

Yoyaku instore session with Octal Industries

Hamish Cole | The MUDD Show

Petre Inspirescu @ SUPER DOMMUNE, Tokyo (02.11.2023)

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Robert Hood - Alpha Key EP (M-Plant)


Title: Alpha Key EP

Artist: Robert Hood

Label: M-Plant

Cat Number: MPM46

Genre: Techno

1: Alpha Key

2: Future Remedy

3: Pathetic

4: Outsider

It’s always with a sense of trepidation that I write about music from one of the grand masters. I would hope the reasons are obvious, so I’ll leave it at that. Suffice to say Robert Hood has been there and done that but, if you’re still out there making music I would hope that you’ve always got something to prove. Techno is, in my opinion,  a genre that has to a large extent stagnated, also has something to prove. Does it still have any subtlety, or is it all just steam hammers and kicks. Of course that’s only one facet. It’s a pretty broad church and accommodates much. And on this release, by and large, Rob Hood seems to be going for the relentless, steam hammer approach. Only ‘Future Remedy’, with its  arpeggiated, melodic barrel organ on crack approach reminds me of the golden days of M-Plant. However, that’s no bad thing. Because even though those were great times, they can’t be replicated ad nauseam. I believe it is the best track here though, with ‘Alpha Key’ being the best of the rest. It’s a relentless twat of a track, but comes correct with the funk, using a steel drum like beat that rattles over the top, aided and abetted by minor percussive elements, to drive itself skyward. Both ‘Pathetic’ and ‘Outsider’ share similar characteristics; the former being denser and like hacking through a rain forest with a blunt machete, and the latter the soundtrack to riding an epileptic antelope across the Serengeti.

Track Of The Day: Moodymann - Misled (KDJ)

Stuck for what to post, I pulled a record off the shelves and it happened to be this one. And I chose this side rather than the longer, untitled track on the A side because for me it summarises Moodymann as well as any other tune he’s produced. It’s a low end throbber with minimal participation from each disparate musical element. A shuffle set to music in which Moody’s throat undulations, (I imagine it’s him), become an instrument at one with the fluctuating vibrations. The sample of ‘Freddy’s Dead’ at the end has a spectral quality, and emphasises the ephemeral aspect, not just of the music, but of the notion of listening to it being a vital part of life’s wallpaper. This is house music extending its normal reach, distilled to its very essence.

Saturday, April 06, 2024

Ivan Smagghe B2b Craig Richards - Recorded at fabric: Andrew Weatherall 60 (06/04/23)

Manfredas - Recorded at fabric: Andrew Weatherall 60 (06/04/23)

Fiona Maguire - Recorded at fabric: Andrew Weatherall 60 (06/04/23)

Dave Congreve - Recorded at fabric: Andrew Weatherall 60 (06/04/23)

Sean Johnston - Recorded at fabric: Andrew Weatherall 60 (06/04/23)

Miss Kittin - Recorded at fabric: Andrew Weatherall 60 (06/04/23)

Daniel Avery - Recorded at fabric: Andrew Weatherall 60 (06/04/23)

Fantastic Twins - Recorded at fabric: Andrew Weatherall 60 (06/04/23)