Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The Arsonist & The Architect : 03 Dyschronometria


Track Of The Day: Flame (Borderline Insanity Dub Mix) - Crustation (Jive)

Parkland EP - Mailer (Sine Language)


Title: Parkland EP

Artist: Mailer

Label: Sine Language Records

Cat Number: SINE014

Genre: Techno

1: Bus 11

2: Rokkaku Group

3: Miocene

4: Renmont

5: Vaultt

A new label to me and one that is pleasingly lo-fi, in look at least. And I’m not afraid to say that this is the aesthetic that drew me in. However, music cannot exist on looks alone, no matter how important the packaging might be, this isn’t Factory innit. In any case, this release stands on its own two feet quite comfortably, the output therein being a constantly oscillating collection of left field, melodic electronica, some of which is for dancing, and some not. Break beats occupying different areas of the spectrum are present and correct (‘Rokkaku Group’, ‘Bus 11’, ‘Renmont’). ‘Miocene’ never quite comes to the boil, but it’s interesting to listen to its undulations. While ‘Vaultt’ is somewhere between the break beat nether world and tense ambience. It’s a very interesting release with depth, range and drama and it gives me a sense of uncertainty, which is nice.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Track Of The Day: Peace of Mind (Electrosoul) - Claro Intelecto (AI)

Terra 589 - Atrice (Ozelot)


Title: Terra 589

Artist: Atrice

Label: Ozelot

Cat Number: Ozelot 007

Genre: Breaks

1: Invertebrate

2: Amphibia

3: Chordata

4: Tetrapoda

5: Speedlink

With a track list that, for the most part reads like and evolutionary flow chart, Atrice gives us a release that shows off a range of breaks and a variety of beats. Whether by accident or design, what we have here could be marking faunal percussive development, or maybe no such thing. Whatever the case, the sounds assembled herein, no matter how conceptual, are consolidated by a symphonic foundation of sorts which offers cohesion when this may seem unlikely. There is also a solidity about the beats. All of the tracks except ‘Speedlink’, which brings things to a close in a skippy, ephemeral way, are characterised by a robust flexibility that wears off a little in ‘Tetrapoda’ having evolved with exponential grace up to that point. 

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Track Of The Day: Let's Start - Cabaret Voltaire (Apollo)

Flex Time - 96 Back (Local Action)


Title: Flex Time 

Artist: 96 Back

Label: Local  Action

Cat Number: LOC069

Genre: Future Abstract Beats

1: Coup de Grace feat. Cadence Weapon

2: Tired Angel

3: Note To Self

4: Plucks

5: Y I’m Here feat. Iceboy Violet

A game of two halves this. The vocal tracks are beat led and feature a rap from Cadence Weapon, and Iceboy Violet. Both of them slightly left field, with the latter a little more woozy and wayward than the former. ‘Plucks’ keeps the beats in the foreground and is an interesting amalgamation of hip hop tropes and the outer limits of frictional rave. Both ‘Tired Angel’ and ‘Note To Self’ feel like portals into another era. Using symphonic hauntology they depart from the present and dwindle into a parallel world which somehow doesn’t feel out of place set against the tougher, more self-perpetuating sound ecosystem occupied by the other compositions. There is plenty to occupy the imagination here, chief amongst which is trying to articulate it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Track Of The Day: M12 Milky Way - Model 500 (R & S)

Cult Of Tau - Kill The Void (Dance Trax)


Title: Cult Of Tau

Artist: Kill The Void

Label: Dance Trax


Genre: Trance/Techno

1:Cult Of Tao

2: Cult Of Tao (Assembler Code Remix)

3: Cosmopendium

4: Chariot Of Love

Kill The Void has gone on all out attack with this release, pausing for thought a little

with ‘Chariot Of Love’, which is a more or less beat less, but melancholic composition that is a welcome respite from the full on techno trance of ‘Cult Of Tau’ and ‘Cosmopendium’. Both of these tracks are raw exercises in big room dynamics, utilising classic psi-trance shifts and abnormally pungent breakdowns. Assembler Code renders the title track unrecognisable and injects the funk by way of electro, for which we must all be thankful.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Track Of The Day: Search Your Feelings - The Martian (Red Planet)

We Continue Part 1 - Kerrie (Cultivated Elecrtronics)


Title: We Continue Part 1

Artist: Kerrie

Label: Cultivated Electronics Ltd

Cat Number: CELTD06

Genre: Techno/Electro

A1: Heptapod K

A2: Droid Nation

B1: Swarm

B2: They Can’t Stop Us

I do like this. From the track titles to the music, Kerrie has more than succeeded in embracing techno’s overarching obsession with otherworldliness without the cliches and incorporating much passion. I’m immediately drawn to ‘Heptapod K’, just because of its ridiculous title (in a positive sense, you understand), and it doesn’t disappoint. There is wonderful dawn-of-time trancetastic digeridoo energy at play here. ‘Droid Nation’ is suitably menacing electro which grinds its way through a shattered landscape. ‘Swarm’, (a word that I’m sure UR have invoked at least once), has a menacing insect drone along its length, thankfully. And ‘They Can’t Stop Us’ is glistening, clean and subliminally stress-inducing. All wonderful and important stuff when trying to imagine the invasion of Earth by any variety of hostile life.